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So, why could you sign up for Coaching?

For over 15 years, working as a business & life Coach, I had the joy and excitement of helping hundreds of people set & achieve goals that they didn't believe they could achieve. We worked on budgeting (Or as some like to call it a "Spending plan!"), we worked on team building, hiring the right team members, office organization and so much more! These accomplishments came with a very important attachment to having a real, "Work/Life" balance. It is by far too easy to get caught up in either or thinking! With the help of a Coach, we can accomplish so much more than going it alone.

Our first appointment we will dive in and find out what your hopes and dreams are, then every appointment we'll have specific steps to take towards those hopes and dreams. It is said that people often over estimate what they can accomplish in a year, and underestimate what they accomplish in a decade. During my 15 years of Coaching, I not only taught amazing pratices that changed peoples lives, I also applied those practices to my own life: I have an amazing life! Financially successful, professionally successful, and most important, happy with my work/balance that I strive to live what I teach every day.

I invite you to work with me!

I am looking forward to working with you, and watching you achieve so much, while enjoying the journey to your success!

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